Worry free, pain free.

Sedation Dentistry


If you have been putting off going to the dentist because of fear or anxiety, it is time to stop running and do something about it. Perhaps you can relate to this quote: 


“Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.” – Johnny Carson


Most people who avoid going to the dentist have had some type of traumatic experience in their life at a dental office. We understand that. We respect that. We are sorry you had to endure that because we know that most people never really get over a bad dental visit. However, with the advances we have in dentistry and the practice of IV sedation there is no need to endure the pain or embarrassment of having bad teeth any longer. Years of neglect can be treated in one or two visits without ever experiencing the sounds, sights and smells of dental treatment. All you have to do is go to sleep and we will take care of the rest. When you wake up, the drill will be put away, the masks will be off and you can begin enjoying life with healthier, better-looking teeth. 

We offer 

  • Nitrous Oxide
      (laughing gas)

  • I.V. Sedation
       (provided by an anesthesiologist)